Activating New Donors from Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

26 apr. 2024

When it comes to fundraising, charities are always looking for innovative ways to connect with more people and make a bigger impact. One popular method is peer-to-peer fundraising, where individuals gather donations from their personal networks for a cause they care about. Platforms like WeGlow's peer-to-peer fundraising tool simplify this process for charities and supporters alike.

How it works:

Using the WeGlow P2P tool gives your community the chance to raise money for your non-profit. Whether they're raising funds for a sports challenge, their birthday, or an event, the Peer-to-Peer tool is what they need!

After filling in only relevant information, the donor can start sharing their own personalized fundraising campaign in their own colors and branding

Peer-to-peer fundraising offers several benefits for charities, such as strengthening relationships with existing donors, boosting awareness, and expanding donor acquisition efforts. WeGlow's Peer-to-Peer platform provides a user-friendly experience for both fundraisers and donors, facilitating progress tracking and supporter engagement.

  • WeGlow’s Peer-to-Peer platform: WeGlow provides your non-profit with a P2P platform where your community can start their own fundraisers in just a few minutes, adding relevant information to show their network why they should support.

This approach has a proven track record of attracting new donors by leveraging personal connections. With WeGlow's tools, charities can enhance their outreach efforts, empowering fundraisers while maintaining brand consistency.

By engaging passionate supporters, charities can attract many new donors who may not have been previously aware of the cause. These new donors have the potential to become loyal, but it requires strategic engagement. WeGlow's suite of fundraising tools enables charities to nurture these relationships effectively, ensuring new donors feel valued and connected.

After acquiring new donors through peer-to-peer fundraising, it's important to engage and retain them effectively. Let's divide these contacts into two groups: fundraisers and donors.

  • Fundraisers are often deeply connected to your cause and can become loyal ambassadors. Instead of pushing them to donate regularly, focus on nurturing their involvement and recognizing their impact.

  • Donors acquired through peer-to-peer campaigns may not be familiar with your charity. Converting them into regular donors requires patience. Educate them about your organization's work, showcase the impact of their donation, and express gratitude for their support.

  • Identify potential regular donors by analyzing donation patterns, campaign alignment, engagement with communications, and alignment with the mission. Focus on nurturing these potential donors to make regular contributions.

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